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Dude, is that a window?

Pushed to extremes

Pella® Impervia® windows are made from proprietary fiberglass that won't break down or lose shape when exposed to the elements. Watch us throw one in the deep end with pro surfer Jamie O'Brien for the ultimate test.

Who rides a window?

This guy – Jamie O'Brien. The king of extreme. He surfs huge waves, does radical stunts and he's surfed just about everything that floats. Now, he's surfed a Pella Impervia window.

Rugged good looks

Pella's exclusive fiberglass delivers unmatched strength and lasting durability with sleek, timeless style.* Which is to say – it was the perfect test subject.

Building the Window Board (or is it a Surf Window?)


By our team of engineers. (With Jamie's input.)


By our skilled craftsmen. (No where near the ocean.)


By the spirit of Aloha. (And ready for the waves.)

Window Board vs. Surfboard

The Power of a Wave

Waves transfer energy from open ocean storms. They're also a great way to show Pella's fiberglass material can handle more than a spring shower.

Surfboard Evolution

Some of the best innovations are unexpected.

Do Not Try this at home

When we do things this crazy, it comes with legal speak. Here it is: Jamie O'Brien is a pro surfer (not you, dude, sorry). The window he surfed was made with the same Pella fiberglass material found in Pella Impervia windows. For safety and performance, many modifications were made. Please don't attempt to surf the windows in your home.

Do try these in your home.

Pella Impervia


Pella Impervia

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