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Tested to Last

At Pella, quality is at the heart of what we do. We test our products to help ensure our designs will withstand the test of time.

See how Pella goes above and beyond.

Thermal Testing - Glass

See what helps keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Air, Water, Structural Chamber Testing

The chamber tests for air, water and structural performance.

Hurricane Testing

Pella fires a two-by-four at 50 feet per second at the window to test the laminated glass.

Patent Wall

There is a history of innovation at Pella Corporation, which continues to be a core part of our culture.

Cycle Testing

We test our products by operating them thousands of times to understand performance of the windows or doors and key components like locks, screens and shades.

Thermal Testing - Installation

See the importance of proper installation to maximize energy efficiency and performance.

Wood Preservative Testing

We test our wood in accelerated conditions, letting water soak into the wood, so we can see how our wood preservative performs in these conditions.

Accelerated Environmental Testing

Pella tests samples of materials and products by placing them in a variety of harsh, accelerated conditions to evaluate long-term performance.