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Design Trends: What’s New for 2022

A new year brings new recommendations for your builders. Pella has the latest windows and doors to help you achieve these in-demand looks.

Homeowners across the nation look to builders and contractors for recommendations on every aspect of their homes. So it's vital that you stay on top of the latest trends in architecture and design, including the doors and windows that add a unique and personal look to a new home. With a variety of colors and finishes available, Pella® Lifestyle Series ensures you can give your builders the tools to create the dream homes their customers have always wanted. Let’s take a look at the latest design trends for 2022.

Scandinavian Style Continues to Dominate

Neutral, but with a layered and textural approach, Scandinavian home design is as popular as ever. With Pella Lifestyle Series, you can give your builders a way to create a personalized approach to this aesthetic. Bring it to life with a focus on wood, natural elements and neutral paints and stains. In particular, an Early American interior stain is ideally suited to complement teak and walnut furniture as well as white pre-finished paint that creates the iconic and timeless Scandinavian appeal.

Modern Traditional Is in the Mix

A perfect balance of old meets new, its monotone palettes, soft silhouettes and refined whites and creams gives modern traditional a welcoming and familiar feel. To accentuate this look, focus on windows and double doors with the grille options that accommodate many modern interpretations of these old classics. Pella Lifestyle Series features Traditional, Prairie and window Top Row grilles that are ideally suited to this look, and you can even custom-design grilles just for your builder and their clients.

A Redefined Rustic Returns

Far from the world of log cabins and peeling paint, the rustic look gives your builders the chance to embrace a clean, chic mountain chalet feel. The key word here is warmth, and with Pella Lifestyle Series, you have plenty of options to provide it. From deep stains like Provincial and Early American for the interior, Brick Red and Brown for the exterior and beautiful hardware options in a Champagne or Satin Brass finish, you can really make rustic work for your builders.

Design Gets Really Personal

Since 2020 and the height of the pandemic, people have spent even more time inside their homes. And that has meant a growing need for custom spaces. Customization is a key feature of Pella Lifestyle Series. For example, add custom windows with Low-E insulating glass, or Integrated Security Sensors to keep your builder’s clients always feeling safe. There are also options to reduce outside noise and integrated between-the-glass blinds provide superior control of natural light.

Maximum Ideas for Maximum Impact

2022 is also about scale. Floor to ceiling windows, big doors and anything else that can really push the limits of the space are encouraged. Talk to your builders about matching the correct Pella Lifestyle Series products to the environment they’re creating. Consider picture windows, bay windows, casements and awnings, and look into ways to maximize light in the home while staying energy efficient.

Let’s Talk About Inclusive, Human Centered Design

What is it? Well, in a nutshell it’s about designing spaces with an eye on longevity and accessibility. From growing families to multi-generation living, your builders want design considerations that not only meet their clients’ current needs, but their future needs as well. It also includes a focus on neuro diversity and helping customers that may have limited mobility options. The Pella Easy-Slide Operator is an innovation you can now offer your builders, which opens and closes windows with a simple slide.

Now you know what trends will be hot in 2022, and how Pella can help you achieve them. Offer these great options to your builders and they’ll know you have your finger on the pulse of the latest designs.